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Working hours: 24 hours
Zoomagazin 4 lapy
Average bill:
200 som
Hours of work:
10:00 - 16:45 No days off
Payment methods:
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Dry cat food
Darling 2 kg (meat)
350 s
Darling 1 kg
in weight from bags of 10 kg. (meat, chicken 2 types)
165 s
Friskies 2 kg (meat, chicken and liver) assorted in one bag
480 s
Friskis 1 kg (meat, chicken and liver) (meat, chicken and vegetables)
in weight from a 10 kg bag
215 s
Kat Chao 1 kg main diet (chicken) and (duck)
in weight from a bag of 15 kg
235 s
Cat Chao 1 kg
in weight from a bag of 15 kg. (prevention of urolithiasis), (removal of wool from the stomach), (sensitive digestion), (for stereized and neutered), (3 in 1 (prevention of urolithiasis+removal of wool+oral care))
250 s