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Sushi & Pasta Restaurant

Average bill:
600 som
160 som ?
Hours of work:
08:30 - 22:30 No days off
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Photos of the dishes can be different from reality


Berry-curd dessert with chia seeds*. Currant / strawberry.
195 s
Rice porridge with quinoa
Served with berry sauce.
135 s
Scrambled eggs with branded sausages
Signature chicken sausages, fried eggs, crispy toast.
195 s
Rice porridge
110 s
Oatmeal porridge
110 s
Cottage cheese with fruit (by season)
170 s
Served with sour cream and berry sauce.
220 s
Club sandwich with French fries
Fresh tomatoes, fried eggs, fried chicken breast, mayonnaise, lettuce leaves.
295 s
Croissant with smoked salmon
With lightly salted salmon, Philadelphia cream cheese, cucumbers, herbs, lettuce.
250 s
Bavarian croissant
With a special sausage in barbecue sauce, pickled cucumbers, mayonnaise with Dijon mustard, lettuce, tomatoes.
150 s
Classic croissant
55 s
Croissant with chocolate filling
105 s
Almond croissant
145 s
Served with caramel-orange sauce and berries.
195 s

Thin-crust pizza/Thin crust pizza

Pizza «Shashlychnaya»‎‎
Pizza-sauce, Mozzarella cheese, pickled beef, tomatoes, pickled onions, herbs.
290 s
Pepperoni pizza
Pizza sauce, Mozzarella cheese, pepperoni salami, mushrooms.
340 s
Pizza «Chili»‎‎
Pizza-sauce, Mozzarella cheese, beef, carrot, oregano, basil, chili pepper.
420 s
Thai Pizza
Pad thai sauce, mozzarella cheese, marinated chicken fillet, oyster mushrooms, pickled onions, jalapeno peppers, coriander.
415 s
Pizza «Margarita»‎‎
Pizza-sauce, Mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, oregano, basil.
180 s
Pizza «Chicken»‎‎
Mozzarella cheese, chicken breast in cream sauce, onion, herbs, oregano, basil.
350 s
Pizza «4 cheeses»‎‎
Pizza-sauce, cheeses: “Mozzarella”, “Emmental", "Dor-Blue", "Parmesan", oregano, basil.
410 s
Pizza «The Village»‎‎
Pizza-sauce, Mozzarella cheese, beef, onion, duck breast, mushrooms, garlic, herbs.
340 s
Greek Pizza
Pizza sauce, feta cheese, bell peppers, tomatoes, olives and oregano.
395 s
Pizza «Home-made»‎‎
Pizza-sauce, Mozzarella cheese, ham, tomatoes, mushrooms, oregano, basil.
280 s


Potatoes, carrots, egg, beef, green peas, mayonnaise, Russian Olivier salad Potatoes, carrots, eggs, beef, green peas, mayonnaise on
320 s
Olivier salad with salted salmon
Russian Olivier salad with soft-salted salmon
340 s
Lettuce leaves with fresh vegetables, with tender Fetaki cheese, seasoned with a special sauce.
340 s
Fried chicken fillet on lettuce leaves with crispy croutons and bacon slices, optionally with Parmesan cheese. It is dressed with a special Caesar sauce.
370 s
Warm salad with chicken liver
Tender chicken livers, sauteed mushrooms, mixed greens, tomatoes, pine nuts, with original sauce/Tender chicken liver, fried mushrooms, lettuce mix, tomatoes, pine nuts with special sauce
320 s
Syake sarada
Slices of juicy salmon on lettuce leaves with red caviar and olives, under a spicy balsamic sauce, supplemented with walnuts.
550 s
Salad of boiled beets in balsamic sauce with goat cheese
Boiled beets, feta cheese, lettuce, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds, sauce “Balsamic” balsamic Beetroot salad with Fetaki sause and Boiled beetroot, Fetaki cheese, Lettuce, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, sauce “Balsamica
185 s
Light seafood salad, with fruity notes of orange and avocado, with a spicy Tobiko sauce.
380 s
Chuka salad
Sea marinated seaweed with sesame dressing and chili pepper. Served with sauce “Komadori”. In the best traditions of Japan.
350 s
Light salad with quinoa and egg
Garden greens, cucumbers, tomatoes and the signature sauce of syake sarada.
285 s
Chinese Broccoli
Broccoli, carrots, garlic.
390 s


Cheese plate
750 s
Tender lightly salted salmon with baked potatoes
Tender soft-salted salmon with baked potatoes
470 s
Barbecue Wings
380 s
Wings with teriyaki sauce
310 s
Juicy chicken wings with blue cheese sauce
410 s
Nuggets of chicken
Chicken fillet fried in oil. Served with sauce Tartar. Chicken nuggets Fried chicken fillet. Served with tartar sauce
220 s
Cheese sticks/Cheese sticks
Cheese, deep fried. Served with yogurt sauce/Deep fried cheese served with yogurt sauce
265 s

Soups / Soups

Chicken Noodle Soup
Thick soup with egg noodles, chicken fillet pieces, mushrooms and egg.
190 s
Served with garlic croutons and sour cream.
210 s
Lentil Soup
Cream soup of red lentils with garlic croutons.
150 s
Tom Yam
The most popular Thai soup with shrimp and mushrooms. With a pronounced sour-spicy taste.
495 s
Sake, Tsuzuki/Syake Tadzuki
Diet soup with salmon, rice and seaweed-based broth suimono/Diet soup with salmon, rice and nori seaweed on Suimono broth
310 s
Seafood soup with Wakame seaweed, with a spicy taste.
240 s
Spicy soup in Chinese with wood mushrooms
Thick soup with starch noodles, beef, wood mushrooms and cucumbers Spicy Chinese soup with mushrooms timbel Rich soup with starch noodles, beef, mushrooms and cucumbers timbel
260 s
Japanese national dish of miso, salmon, wakame seaweed, tofu and green onions.
220 s
Ishikari miso
A rich soup with wheat noodles, boiled salmon, mushrooms, tofu cheese and green onions.
370 s

Noodles / Pasta

Di Salmone
Fettuccine pasta with salmon slices, shrimp and red caviar with cream cheese sauce and Parmesan cheese”
750 s
Spaghetti pasta with Bolognese meat sauce and Parmesan cheese.
390 s
Pasta with spinach and shrimp in a creamy sauce
Pasta with spinach and prawns in cream sauce
470 s

Hot dish/Entree

Beef tenderloin with mustard sauce. Served with potatoes and creamy mushroom sauce.
685 s
Kashiwa teppan yaki
Grilled chicken fillet with vegetables on teppan.
540 s
Gyuniku teppan yaki
Melt in your mouth veal with vegetables on the teppan.
620 s
Tori teriyaki
Fried chicken fillet with Teriyaki sauce. Served with an additional plum sauce.
380 s
Japanese beef
Tender beef tenderloin with yakiniku sauce. Served with fried vegetables and potato slices.
525 s
Beef with vegetables in Chinese
Tender pieces of beef sautéed with fresh vegetables, egg noodles and noodles, seasoned with oyster sauce/Tender pieces of beef fried with fresh vegetables, egg noodles and strips of omelette. Dressed with oyster sauce
480 s
Veal with sweet and spicy sauce with rice
550 s
Beef with wood mushrooms
Grilled beef tenderloin with wood mushrooms, vegetables, sauce, and kichibash.
495 s
Pike perch with hollandaise sauce
740 s
Unagi don
Japanese favorite tender eel on a pillow of rice, with a sweet unagi sauce.
690 s
Salmon steak with creamy caviar sauce
Served with grilled vegetables and quinoa.
895 s
Salmon steak with teriyaki sauce
Served with rice.
730 s
Chahan fried rice with beef
Rice fried with beef.
390 s
Thai-style rice
350 s
Hot and sour Pad Thai noodles with chicken
Noodles, tofu, vegetables, egg, bamboo shoots, peanuts, coriander, lemon, chicken, Pad Thai sauce.
350 s
Spicy and sour Pad Thai noodles with beef
Noodles, tofu, vegetables, egg, bamboo sprouts, peanuts, coriander, lemon, beef, Pad Thai sauce
380 s
Sour-spicy noodles "Pad Thai" with seafood
Noodles, tofu, vegetables, egg, bamboo shoots, peanuts, coriander, lemon, seafood, pad thai sauce.
395 s
Rice noodles with chicken
Rice noodles, wood mushrooms, vegetables, chicken fillet, oyster sauce, sesame
250 s
Rice noodles with shrimp
Rice noodles, wood mushrooms, vegetables, shrimp, oyster sauce, sesame
480 s
Buckwheat noodles with chicken
Buckwheat noodles, chicken fillet, zucchini, onion, bell pepper, broccoli, Teriyaki sauce, sesame seeds.
285 s
Have gyoza fried beef
190 s
Have gyoza on the sail with djusai
180 s
Italian dumplings with chicken
Beetroot dough, chicken breast, onion, ricotta cheese, cream sauce with grainy mustard dijon, parmesan, herbs.
285 s
Italian dumplings with ricotta cheese
Spinach dough, ricotta cheese, onion, cream sauce with grainy dijon mustard, parmesan, herbs.
285 s

Side dishes

Boiled rice/Boiled rice
120 s
Fried rice with vegetables/Fried rice with vegetables
180 s
French Fries/French fries
140 s


Teriyaki sauce
60 s
Sauce gamadari
60 s
Caesar sauce
60 s
Tar-tar sauce
60 s
50 s
50 s
Sour cream
50 s


Sushi Salmon
1 pc.
130 s
Sushi Tiger Shrimp
1 pc.
130 s
Spice Sushi Salmon
1 pc.
150 s
Sushi Eel
1 pc.
160 s
Sushi Tokyo
1 pc.
160 s
Sushi Philadelphia
1 pc.
185 s


Salmon Roll
310 s
Cucumber Roll
180 s
Eel Roll
340 s
Roll Philadelphia
Salmon, Philadelphia cheese, tomago, cucumber.
495 s
Roll California
Shrimp, avocado, cucumber, flying fish roe, mayonnaise.
530 s
Roll Florida
Eel, salmon, cucumber, Philadelphia cheese.
610 s
Roll Manhattan
Smoked salmon, cucumbers, avocado, Philadelphia cheese.
490 s
Roll Of Asasi
Salmon, salmon roe, Philadelphia cheese.
595 s
Roll an omelet
Omelet, Philadelphia cheese, salmon caviar.
350 s
Roll The Triangle
Tobiko, cream cheese, crispy salmon skin, cucumber.
270 s
Roll Fusion
Tomago, crab sticks, sesame seeds, tobiko, Philadelphia cheese, cucumber.
220 s
Osaka Roll
Salmon, cucumber, chuka, mayonnaise, sesame.
390 s
Spice Roll Salmon
Salmon, spice sauce, green onions.
430 s
Lecho roll
Pickled lecho pepper, cucumber, tobiko, philadelphia cheese, rice, nori.
230 s
Sesame Roll
Sesame black sesame, philadelphia cheese, smoked salmon, avocado, rice, nori.
290 s
Paradise Roll
Eel, salmon, cucumber, tobiko, Philadelphia cheese, unagi sauce, sesame.
570 s
Roll Tokyo
Philadelphia cheese, salmon roe.
490 s
Philadelphia Premium
Salmon, cucumber, crispy salmon skin, Philadelphia cheese”
520 s
Italian roll
Crab sticks, eel, tobiko, cucumber, cheeses: "Mozzarella", "Philadelphia".
445 s
Sendai Roll
Eel, cucumber, tobiko, Philadelphia cheese, tomago.
440 s
Mega Roll
Salmon, Philadelphia cheese, tomago, cucumbers, crab sticks.
380 s
Sandwich roll
Original roll with salmon, Philadelphia cheese, flying fish caviar, cucumber and green onion.
395 s
Hot roll with salmon, green onions
Salmon, cream cheese, green onions. Fried in batter.
340 s
Mamenori Roll
Avocado, beetroot, Philadelphia cheese, tomato, cucumber.
265 s
Spice roll
Salmon, eel, cucumber, spice sauce, tuna shavings.
395 s
Crispy salmon skin, cucumber, crab sticks, hot sauce/Crispy salmon skin, cucumber, crab sticks, hot sauce
250 s
Hot roll
Salmon, Philadelphia cheese, cucumber.
410 s
Grilled salmon roll
Eel, salmon, tobiko, cucumber, green onion.
495 s
Ikari roll
Salmon caviar, salmon, Philadelphia cheese, tomago, cucumber, green onion.
345 s
Kaji Yomi Baked Roll
Crab sticks, cream cheese, corn, green onion, cucumber, tomago, hot sauce.
260 s


Grill set
Roll: Italian, grilled salmon roll, Kawasaki.
1150 s
Seth salmon
Sushi: salmon-4 pcs., spice salmon-2 pcs.; Roll: salmon; Sashimi: salmon.
870 s
Seth the Eel
Sushi: Eel - 4 pcs.; Roll: Florida, Eel; Sashimi: Eel.
1850 s
Set assorted
Sushi: eel - 4 pcs. Salmon-4 pieces; Roll: Florida, Osaka
1750 s
Sushi-Pasta Set”
Philadelphia, Sandwich roll, Triangle, Sendai, Omelet, Mamenori.
2500 s


Airy meringue cake with fresh fruit and whipped cream. It is named after the ballerina Anna Pavlova.
130 s
Chocolate Fondue
The most popular French dessert at the dawn of the XXI century. A delicious cupcake with a melting chocolate filling that spreads over your plate as soon as you touch it with a spoon.
220 s
Three chocolates
Light cake of three kinds of chocolate: black, milk and white, combined with a thin chocolate biscuit of nut flour/Light cake of three kinds of chocolate; black, milk and white, combined with a thin chocolate biscuit of nut flour
220 s
Red Velvet
195 s
Caramel brownie
195 s
Cheesecake " New York”
Classic baked dessert made of soft cheese.
220 s


Natural juice Juice in assortment
1 l
210 s
Mineral water without gas 1 l.
1 l.
80 s
Mineral water
1 l
80 s
1 l
130 s
1 l
130 s
1 l
130 s
Branded compote 1 l.
200 s


Bread sticks with sesame seeds.
30 s
Onion bread
White bread with a light onion flavor.
30 s
Alpine bread
Bread made from a mixture of wheat and rye flour, with the addition of malt, carrots and sunflower seeds.
30 s
Buckwheat bread
Bread made from wheat and buckwheat flour.
25 s
Grain bread
Bread is rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals. Contains wheat and rye flour, wholemeal, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, flax seed.
30 s
One of the most common varieties of rye bread. The composition, in addition to rye and wheat flour, including malt, sugar and coriander
20 s
Wheat bread
White, airy, crispy bread made from wheat flour.
20 s