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Working hours: 24 hours


Average bill:
800 som
200 som ?
Hours of work:
10:00 - 22:30 No days off
Payment methods:
Photos of the dishes can be different from reality


The Ramadan Set
100 pcs, Philadelphia, California, yaki rolls, royal baked, mini chicken, mini salmon, nagasaki, mini tomago, house, tempura shrimp, pizza margarita 30cm.
2223 s
2470 s
Seth "Sensei"
90 pcs, Philadelphia, California, tempura with salmon, mini chicken, mini salmon, yaki baked, royal baked, house, mini tomago, nagasaki, tempura with shrimp.
2500 s
The Kingsize Set
48 pcs, philadelphia royal, philadelphia with eel, California, light, mini Philadelphia, mini salmon, sushi with shrimp.
1800 s
The Nagasaki Set
70 pcs, Philadelphia, California, baked yaki, royal baked, tender baked crab, fried tempura with chicken, mini tomago, mini chicken.
1549 s
Set "Adab"
46 pcs, Philadelphia, creamy with salmon, creamy with smoked chicken, yaki roll, mini cucumber.
1200 s
The Yakuza Set
48 pcs, Philadelphia, baked with eel, baked with salmon, baked with cheese, escalard, baked with smoked chicken, baked with crab.
1600 s
The set is "Hot"
45 pcs, Philadelphia, baked with eel and salmon, baked with cheese, escalard, baked with smoked chicken, baked with crab.
1500 s
The set is "Delicious"
34 pieces, tempura with salmon, escalard baked, baked with salmon, baked with smoked chicken.
1100 s
Set "Keishin"
32 pieces, baked with crab, baked salmon, creamy smoked chicken, tender crab.
1100 s
Set "Love"
24 pcs, Philadelphia, creamy with salmon, yaki.
790 s
The set is "Sharp"
24 pcs, spicy chicken, spicy salmon, spicy yaki roll.
850 s
Seth "Abi"
20 pcs, Philadelphia, baked with crab, sushi with salmon, sushi with crab.
780 s
The Magic Set
30 pcs, california, cream crab, bonito, mini crab.
800 s


Combo for one
6 pieces wings, French fries, + 1 sauce to choose from (garlic, cheese, ketchup).
450 s
Combo for two
Wings 12 pcs., French fries, 2 sauces, Coca-Cola 1 l.
680 s
Super combo
Wings 25 pcs., French fries, 2 sauce, Coca-Cola 1 l.
980 s
Family set
Baked royal 10 pcs, baked yaki roll 10 pcs, california 10 pcs, tempura with chicken 10 pcs, pepperoni pizza, wings 13 pcs
1700 s
Set trio
Caesar roll 8 pcs, tempura tartila 8 pcs, baked royal 8 pcs, chicken pizza 1 pc
1200 s
Set New York
A Coke as a gift. Philadelphia with green onions 8 pcs, New York roll 8 pcs, baked lava 8 pcs, tempura escalar 10 pcs, tempura tartila 10 pcs, fries 1 serving, nuggets 1 serving
1650 s
Set Asia
Margarita pizza, chicken pizza, chicken tempura rolls 20 pcs, tempura rolls with salmon 10 pcs, yaki rolls 10 pcs, royal rolls 10 pcs, california rolls 10 pcs
1700 s

Hot dishes

Udon noodles
Wheat noodles, chicken, carrots, onions, peppers, sesame seeds, teriyaki sauce.
230 s
Creamy salmon soup
Fish broth, cream, rice, salmon, carrots, onions.
340 s
Buckwheat noodles
Buckwheat noodles, chicken, carrots, onions, peppers, sesame seeds, teriyaki sauce.
220 s
Chicken soup
Broth, wheat noodles, chicken, onion.
210 s
Chicken fillet, egg, broth, kimchi, green onion.
230 s
Rice with chicken
Rice, chicken, bell peppers, carrots, onions, teriyaki sauce, sesame seeds.
190 s
Rice with vegetables
Rice, bell pepper, carrot, onion, egg.
180 s


10pcs wings
+ 1 sauce.
450 s
Wings 20 pieces
+ 2 sauces.
680 s
Wings 30 pieces
+ 2 sauces.
950 s

Pizza 30 cm

Pizza "Rustic" 30 cm.
Tomato, pickles, beef, onion, sauce.
570 s
Chili pizza 30 cm.
Beef, hot sauce, mozzarella, pepper, tomato.
550 s
Pepperoni pizza 30 cm.
Mozzarella, sauce, sausage.
340 s
Pizza "Chicken" 30 cm.
Tomato, pizza sauce, chicken, mozzarella.
420 s
Pizza "Margarita" 30 cm.
Tomato, cheese, mozzarella, sauce.
350 s

Pizza 40 cm

Rustic pizza 40 cm.
Tomato, pickles, beef, onion, sauce.
670 s
Chili pizza 40 cm.
Beef, hot sauce, mozzarella, pepper, tomato.
650 s
Pepperoni pizza 40 cm.
Mozzarella, sauce, sausage.
570 s
Chicken pizza 40 cm.
Tomato, pizza sauce, chicken, mozzarella
560 s
Pizza "Margarita" 40 cm
Tomato, cheese, mozzarella, sauce
450 s

Side dishes

250 s
French fries
160 s


The Dragon Roll
Eel, cheese, cucumber, nori rice.
888 s
Philadelphia roll
Salmon fillet, nori, cream cheese.
310 s
Yaki roll
Tamga, cheese, pink sauce, nori, rice, chicken.
280 s
California roll
Crab, cucumber, cheese.
320 s
Creamy salmon roll
Salmon, cheese, cabbage, cucumber, massago.
310 s
Unagi Cheese Rolls
Sesame, eel, tamago, cheese, cucumber.
320 s
Bonito roll
Cheese, chicken, tomato, tuna chips.
290 s
Royal roll
Tamgo, chicken, sesame, rice, nori.
290 s
Creamy smoked chicken
Cheese, smoked chicken, nori, rice.
270 s
Tempura with eel
Cheese, eel, tomago.
350 s
Chicken, cheese, tomato, whale cabbage, dill.
290 s
Philadelphia mix
Cheese, cucumber, salmon, eel.
350 s
Tempura with salmon
Cheese, salmon, massago.
350 s
Gentle crab
Cheese, fried chicken, cabbage, tomato, tender crab, pink sauce.
340 s
Tempura with chicken
Cheese, chicken, cucumber.
320 s
Cheese, escalard, yaki sauce.
310 s
Cheddar roll
Cheese, salmon, cheddar.
320 s

Baked Rolls

Baked salmon roll
Pink salmon, sauce, cucumber, massaga, nori, rice.
399 s
Baked roll with crab
Cheese, cucumber, crab, pink sauce, masago sauce.
310 s

Mini rolls

Philadelphia Mini Roll
Salmon, cheese, nori, rice.
250 s
Mini roll with eel
Eel, sesame, unagi sauce.
250 s
Mini Salmon roll
Salmon, rice.
220 s
Mini roll "Chicken"
Chikken, fig.
130 s
Mini roll "Chuka"
Rice, chuka.
120 s


Baked sushi with salmon
Lightly salted salmon, nori, cheese sauce, unagi sauce, rice, nori.
170 s
Baked sushi with shrimp
Shrimp, cream cheese, caviar, masago, cucumber, sesame, unagi sauce.
120 s
Baked sushi with chicken
Round rice, boiled chicken, red fish, cucumbers, rice vinegar, Japanese mayonnaise, cheese, sugar, nori.
120 s
Baked sushi with tuna
Rice, nori, sesame, masago, tuna, green onion, cream cheese, parmesan baking sauce.
120 s
Baked sushi with crab
Avocado, sesame seeds, tamago omelet, snow crab, masago sauce, unagi sauce.
120 s
Sushi "Tomago"
Chicken egg, soy sauce and rice vinegar.
99 s
Sushi "Chuka"
Seaweed, nori, rice, cottage cheese, chuka salad, nut sauce, sesame.
99 s
Sushi "Tiger shrimp"
Rice, tiger shrimp.
150 s


Coca-Cola 1 liter
100 s
Coca-Cola 0.5 l
60 s
Sprite 1 l
100 s
Fuse tea 1 l
100 s
Fuse tea 0.5 l
60 s