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Working hours: 24 hours

Sushi Time

Average bill:
300 som
140 som ?
Hours of work:
11:00 - 22:30 No days off
Payment methods:
Photos of dishes may not match their appearance in reality.
With each order Californian roll as a gift
The cost of delivery from this institution is 140 som, excluding surcharges


100 s
Spicy Kani
75 s
Vakama sarada
60 s
Spicy EBI
75 s
Tori unagi
70 s

Classic rolls

Kani Mac
8 pieces nori, rice, imitation crab
149 s
Kappa Maki
8pcs Cucumber, rice
100 s
8 pieces fresh vegetables
190 s
Spicy unagi rohru
8pcs Eel in spicy sauce, wasabi
155 s
Unagi Maki №1
8pcs Eel, wasabi, cucumber
155 s
Hiyashi unagi
Chuka 8 PCs, eel, cream cheese, sesame
250 s
Chuka Maki
8pcs seaweed
140 s

Japanese cuisine Rolls

Idaho Maki
8 pieces Snow crab, masaga, cucumber, vasai
245 s
8pcs Crab,Philadelphia cheese, salmon, cucumber
249 s
Bali Maki
9pcs Tiger shrimp, tobiko, breaded and fried salmon, unagi sauce
270 s
8 PCs grilled salmon, cucumber, cheese, tuna
240 s
Tai Maki
8pcs Eel, salmon, cucumber, cream cheese, unagi sauce, sesame
295 s
8 pieces. Salmon, cucumber, tuna, Philadelphia cheese, tuna
240 s
8 PCs Cream cheese, smoked salmon, cucumber, sesame seeds, rice
250 s
8 PCs Tomatoes, cucumber, green onions, Philadelphia cheese, sesame
249 s
8pcs crab Meat, cucumber, avocado, tobiko, wasabi
250 s
California with eel
8pcs Eel, cucumber, tobiko, scrambled eggs, cream cheese, tomago.
235 s
California EBI
8 pieces Shrimp, cream cheese, masaga, cucumber.
249 s
8 PCs Eel, cheese, eggs, cucumber, unagi sauce, sesame
305 s
8 PCs Grilled salmon, cucumber, cheese, unagi sauce, masago
230 s
Smoked salmon
8pcs Smoked salmon, cucumber, cream cheese
260 s
8 PCs Philadelphia Cheese, salmon, sesame.
240 s
About ritsu Maki
8pcs Salmon, red caviar, cream cheese.
310 s
Spicy salmon
8 pieces. Salmon, cucumber, crab, spicy mayonnaise
250 s
Sake tisu
8 pieces. salmon, cucumber, cream cheese, tobiko
240 s
Creamy shrimp
8 PCs Crab, cucumber, Philadelphia cheese, shrimp
300 s
Sake California
8 pieces. Salmon, cucumber, tobiko, wasabi
240 s
Taiga rohru
8 PCs seared salmon, eel, tamago, cucumber, wasabi
255 s
8 PCs. eggs, salmon, Philadelphia cheese
249 s
Unagi geisha
8pcs Eel, Philadelphia cheese, salmon, cucumber
299 s
Unagi Philadelphia
8 PCs eel, tamago, cucumber, cheese, unagi sauce
265 s
8 pieces. salmon, cucumber, cream cheese
250 s
Philadelphia No. 2
8pcs Salmon, cucumber, cream cheese, tobiko, green onion
310 s
Philadelphia Ikura
8 pieces Salmon, Philadelphia cheese, ikura, salmon
299 s
Philadelphia Mix
8 PCs Philadelphia Cheese, salmon, eel
275 s
Philadelphia with eel
8 PCs Salmon, eel, Philadelphia cheese
300 s
Philadelphia masago
8pcs Eel, cucumber, cream cheese
249 s
8 PCs Fried chicken, lettuce, bell. pepper, rice.
250 s
EBI Philadelphia
8 pieces Salmon, shrimp, cream cheese
250 s
Yaki unagi rohru
8 PCs Eel, spicy sauce, tobiko, Philadelphia cheese
265 s
8 PCs Eel, cucumber, salmon, sesame seeds
240 s
Jap kogasa
8 PCs Salmon, opal, eel, soft cheese
269 s
8 PCs. Cucumber, tomato, pepper, lettuce, sesame.
215 s
Yasai roru tiju
8 PCs Tomatoes, cucumber, cheese, iceberg lettuce, wasabi
210 s

The fried rolls

8pcs Cucumber, snow crab, salmon, spicy sauce
250 s
Kani tempura
8 pieces Snow crab, cucumber, spicy, cheese, eel
245 s
Sake tempura
9pcs. salmon, cheese, cucumber
240 s
Abi Angara
8 PCs salmon, prawn, cucumber, spicy sauce
250 s

Baked Rolls

Bali poppies No. 1
9 PCs Shrimp, omelet, masago, cucumber, salmon, cheese sauce
260 s
Bonito №1
8pcs Omelet, masago, snow crab, cheese sauce
250 s
Baked rolls
9pcs. Unagi sauce, snow crab, salmon, spicy sauce
265 s
8pcs Philadelphia Cheese, salmon, cucumber, eel, masago
270 s
California hot
9pcs Rice, cream cheese, cucumber, tobiko, cream, crab, cheese mozerella, unagi sauce
265 s
Sakura Hot
9pcs Philadelphia Cheese, salmon, tomago, cream cheese
250 s
9pcs Eel, tomago, Philadelphia cheese, sesame seeds, unagi sauce spicy.
265 s
Baked Philadelphia
9pcs Philadelphia Cheese, cucumber, salmon, unagi sauce and sesame.
260 s
EBI tempura
5pcs Tiger prawns baked in tempura batter
240 s


Seth Filomena
24pcs Philadelphia 3 servings
700 s
Seth salmon
26 PCs of Philadelphia, sesame seeds, Sake Maki, salmon sushi.
780 s
Set No. 4
26 PCs Sesame, Sake Maki, Kappa Maki, Kani sushi
600 s
Kotenteki set
40 California, Philadelphia, Eel, rohru, rohru Xiake, Kappa Maki
900 s
Set "Simple"
40 PCs Roll with salmon, eel, cucumber, chukai with crab.
660 s
Set California
32 PCs 4 form California
950 s
Set Mix
24 PCs Philadelphia, California, Bishkek.
750 s
The Set Economy + Coca Cola
Philadelphia, California, California hot, Sakura
1150 s
Syake set
24 PCs salmon Set: Maruji syake Maki, About ritsu Maki, Syake rohru
660 s
Dinner for two
24 PCs Philadelphia, Lava crab, CA
740 s