Order by phone
Working hours: 24 hours


Average bill:
300 som
120 som ?
Hours of work:
10:00 – 21:30 No days off
Payment methods:
Photos of the dishes can be different from reality
When ordering over 1000 soms, Coca Cola as a gift!
When ordering Set Assorti and Set for Three, and California Roll for free
When ordering the roll "Super Philadelphia" and baked roll "Gourmet" any of the classic rolls as a gift!
Cost of delivery - 120 som.

Baked Rolls

Cream cheese, salmon, shrimp, yaki sauce
270 s
The volcano
Cream cheese, omelet, flying fish ROE, yaki sauce, salmon
345 s
Cream cheese, crab cream, eggs, yaki sauce, Gouda cheese
260 s
Cheese.plums, eggs, flying fish ROE, crab cream, yaki sauce
345 s
Fire eel
Cream cheese, omelet, eel, sesame, spicy sauce, green onion
345 s
Roll butter
Cream cheese, chicken, Gouda cheese, yaki sauce
335 s
Sake cheese
Cheese.plums, eggs, salmon, tobiko, Gouda cheese, yaki sauce
360 s


Assorted set
Classic Philadelphia, Philadelphia tobiko, California with eel, Sake cheese, Ayashi
1500 s
Nippon set
Sakura roll, Scandinavian roll, Samurai roll, cucumber Roll
830 s
Fire set
The Volcano, Gourmet, Geisha
850 s
Set of two
California with crab, Yaki NASU, Sakura
790 s
Set of three
Philadelphia classic, canadian Maki, California with salmon Roll with eel, salmon Roll, Roll with chukka salad, Yasai Maki
1500 s
Tokyo set
California with crab, Philadelphia classic Roll cucumber, Maki Canadian
850 s
Сет Sushibox
супер филадельфия 1, сяке чиз 1, ролл лосось, ролл с крабом, калифорния с угрем, спайси с крабом 4 шт.
1500 s
Сет "Семейный" 84 шт.
филадельфия супер, филадельфия с угрем, канадиан ролл, темпура с угрем, темпура лосось, темпура с креветкой, сяке чиз, гриль лосось, ролл лосось, ролл с угрем.
3500 s

Spicy gunkan

Spicy scallops
75 s
Spicy shrimp
70 s
Spicy mussels
70 s
Spicy crab
70 s
Spicy salmon
80 s
Acute eel
100 s

Hot gunkan (yaki)

Baked sushi with scallops
77 s
Baked sushi with crab
72 s
Baked shrimp sushi
77 s
Baked salmon sushi
82 s
Baked sushi with mussels
72 s
Baked eel sushi
87 s


Sushi scallop
87 s
Sushi smoked salmon
92 s
Sushi shrimp
87 s
Salmon sushi
62 s
Sushi tamago-omelette
82 s
Eel sushi
97 s


Akito Fuki Maki
Cream cheese, cucumber, salmon, omelette tamago, ikura
345 s
California with crab
Mayonnaise, cheese, avocado, crab cream, tobiko
240 s
California with salmon
Mayonnaise, cheese, cucumber, tobiko, salmon
270 s
California with eel
Mayonnaise, cheese, cucumber, eel, tobiko
280 s
Koons Maki
Cream cheese, spicy sauce, cucumber, eel, shrimp, smoked salmon
355 s
Roll with crab
Rice, crab cream cheese draining.
130 s
Salmon roll
Rice and salmon
130 s
Roll with cucumber
Rice and cucumbers
100 s
Roll with eel
Rice, eel, unagi sauce ,sesame
130 s
Roll chukka
Rice, chukka, peanut sauce
110 s
Sakura Maki
Cream cheese, cucumber, salmon teriyaki, Bonito
270 s
Samurai Maki
Cream cheese, cucumber, smoked salmon, masago
280 s
Scandinavian roll
Cream cheese, salmon teriyaki, cucumber, tobiko
270 s
Philadelphia tobiko
Cream cheese, cucumber ,tobiko caviar, salmon
290 s
Philadelphia classic
Cream cheese, cucumber, salmon
280 s
Philadelphia with eel
Cream cheese, takuan, eel.
345 s
Сливочный сыр, огурец, лосось
345 s
Caesar roll
Smoked chicken, iceberg, Caesar sauce, Parmesan cheese
220 s
Yaki NASU Maki
Cream cheese, cucumber, tobiko ,fever.baclaran, unagi sauce
320 s
Yasai roll
Bell peppers, mix, iceberg, tomato, cucumber
184 s
Канадиан маки
(Рис для суши, нори, сыр сливочный, огурцы, угорь копченый, унаги соус, кунжут)
345 s
Спайси соус, огурцы, угорь, лосось, унаги соус
345 s

Tempura rolls (hot rolls)

Cream cheese, eel, tamago omelet, tobiko
345 s
Cream cheese, tobiko, cucumber, eel, shrimp
345 s
Tempura roll with salmon
Cream cheese, cucumber, salmon
345 s
Tempura roll with eel
Cream cheese, cucumber, eel, unagi sauce, sesame
335 s
Tempura shrimp
Cream cheese, cucumber, shrimp
345 s


Kimchi nabe
330 gr. miso broth, egg, salmon, green onions, tofu, kimchi sauce
170 s
Miso soup
330 gr.
115 s
Sake nabe
400 gr. Suimono broth, carrots, onions, egg noodles, oyster mushrooms, salmon
170 s


Baked mussels
5 PCs with cheese sauce
290 s
Potato wedges
200 gr.
95 s
French fries
180 gr.
80 s
Abi, agemono
6 PCs shrimp, tempory batter, breadcrumbs, Panko, sauce, Agemono
290 s


30 gr.
40 s
Rice gohan (boiled rice)
150 gr.
50 s
Soy sauce
100 gr.
50 s
30 gr.
40 s


Кола 1л
70 s
Фанта 1л
70 s
Спрайт 1л
70 s
Вода с газом 1л
50 s
Вода без газа 1л
50 s