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Photos of dishes may not match their appearance in reality


English breakfast
A hearty breakfast in English traditions with chicken sausage and toast, fried eggs, fried mushrooms, fresh tomatoes. Garnished with herbs and served separately canned beans.
400 s
Omelet with vegetables
Classic omelet with additives of bell pepper, zucchini, broccoli, red onion, fresh tomato.
220 s
Tangerine French toast
Fried toast with tangerine French and mascarpone cream .
310 s
Rye bread toast with strachatello cheese and caviar
Fried rye toast with seeds , strachatello cheese and red caviar
360 s
Potato waffles with lightly salted salmon and hollandaise sauce
Tender potato waffles with lightly salted salmon , red caviar and hollandaise sauce .
480 s
Philadelphia sandwich with torn veal
Fried Ciabatta, torn veal with BBQ sauce and onion fries
420 s
Croissant with banana
Croissant with caramelized banana and mascarpone cream
220 s
Oatmeal porridge with banana
Oatmeal porridge with caramelized banana and chia and flax seeds.
190 s
Chia pudding with caramel apple
Coconut milk pudding with the addition of chia seeds and caramelized apple
320 s
Omelet with zucchini and spinach
Tender omelet with zucchini and spinach
220 s
Baked omelet in a rustic way
Rustic omelette with pepperoni and cheese and vegetables
220 s
Sandwich steak with roast beef and tomato
Ciabatta baguette and beef tenderloin Roast beef medium roast and with fresh tomatoes.
420 s
Polenta with mascarpone and caramelized banana
Polenta porridge with caramelized banana and mascarpone cheese.
290 s


Bruschetta with roast beef
Crispy baguette with cottage cheese and tomato-based salsa sauce with roast beef slices. In a serving of 3 baguettes
250 s
Bruschetta with salsa sauce
Crispy baguette with cottage cheese and tomato-based salsa sauce. There are 3 baguettes in a serving.
220 s
Bruschetta with avocado
Crispy baguette with cottage cheese and avocado slices. dried tomatoes are complemented with fetaxa cheese. There are 3 baguettes in a serving.
220 s
Bruschetta with tuna
Crispy baguette with cottage cheese and canned tuna.
250 s
Bruschetta with salmon
Crispy ciabatta baguette with cottage cheese and lightly salted salmon slices. There are 3 baguettes in a serving.
250 s


Meat Plateau
Ham from dried horse meat, chicken roll and beef jerky. Decorated with basil and rosemary.
1150 s
Cheese plate
Assorted noble varieties of cheese such as Dor Blue, Camembert, Parmesan, Mozzarella are perfectly combined with wine. In addition, grapes, walnuts, honey are served.
750 s
Snack from the chef
Sliced beef roast beef (medium roast) with bon fillet sauce (based on tuna and chicken yolk). Decorated with gherkins and green oil.
480 s


Salad of baked beetroot and strachatello cheese
Baked beetroot is served with Strachatello cheese. Decorated with pine nuts and pumpkin seeds with micro greenery.
450 s
Mozzarella and pear salad
Arugula and lola rossa salad leaves are seasoned with honey sauce. Mozzarella cheese, drunk pear, seasoned with wine vinegar. It is decorated with pumpkin seeds.
390 s
Salad «Nicoise»‎‎
Iceberg salad seasoned with nicoise sauce, cherry tomatoes, blanched string beans, quail eggs, pitted olives, fried potatoes. Balsamic vinegar gives a unique taste.
450 s
Salad with shrimp and avocado
Blanched tiger prawns with iceberg lettuce and arugula seasoned with olive oil. Supplemented with tomatoes and avocados.
450 s
Salad with arugula
Arugula leaves with fresh cucumber seasoned with olive oil, radishes, cherry tomatoes and pickled corn cobs are complemented with fetax cheese and balsamic cream
290 s
Salad with grilled cheese and tomatoes
Pan-fried Mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, lola rossa leaves and arugula seasoned with olive oil. Decorated with fresh basil.
330 s
Salad with grilled vegetables and cheese
Grilled eggplant and zucchini slices, cheese cheese, tomatoes, garnished with coriander and parsley. It is supplemented with nasharab sauce (pomegranate-based).
360 s
Caesar salad with tender brisket
Fillet of brisket of homemade chicken cooked in its own juice with iceberg lettuce leaves. Capers, cherry tomatoes and quail eggs, tempura, Caesar sauce based on aioli sauce. Sprinkled with Parmesan cheese
450 s


Fennel Soup
Fish broth, trout fillet, cream, potatoes, carrots, onions, fennel seeds. 300 g
400 s
Soup «Milanese style»‎‎
Bonfile slices, blanched broccoli, dried tomatoes, carrots, potatoes
320 s
Orochetti soup
Chicken drumstick meat, hearts, pasta 350 g
320 s
Soup «Ao-Cheese»‎‎
Different types of cheeses are used for cooking: processed cheeses, cheddar, Door blue, cream. Served with crab sticks and rye bread.
300 s

Meat dishes

Filet «Mignon»‎‎
Bon fillet, linguine pasta in cream sauce, broccoli, BBQ sauce.
850 s

Fish dishes

Tender salmon fillet in misso paste glaze
Miso is a thick paste from traditional Japanese cuisine. It is produced by fermentation of soybeans, rice, barley, wheat. The strong aroma of salmon is perfectly combined with the sweet and at the same time salty taste of miso. Served with cream mousse.
1200 s
Trout with vegetables
Trout fillet is fried until golden brown in a frying pan and baked until ready. Served with a side dish of zucchini, carrots and wood mushrooms. Vegetables are seasoned with cream sauce.
580 s
Mussels with cream sauce
2 fold mussels after boiling languish in a creamy sauce with the addition of fish broth. Served with rye baguettes.
950 s
Shake chizu shinobi yaki
Breaded tiger prawns are served in combination with eggplant, zucchini and bell pepper. Seasoned with spice sauce (based on homemade mayonnaise and sriracha)
580 s

Poultry dishes

Chicken breast with bulgur
Marinated chicken breast is prepared by the Sous-vide method. Refueled with BBQ sauce. Served with bulgur in cream sauce
380 s


Pizza «Margarita»‎‎
Pizza made from juicy tomatoes, Mozzarella cheese, fresh basil, salt and extra virgin olive oil.
650 s
Pizza Philadelphia
The composition includes lightly salted salmon slices, cottage cheese and Mozzarella cheese, pizza sauce. Served with walnuts and drunk pear.
780 s
The pizza consists of classic young Mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce and Pepperoni sausage (halal). It is decorated with fresh basil and Parmesan cheese.
650 s


Risotto with strachatello cheese
Risotto with cream sauce, thyme, spinach, turmeric. Served with Strachatello cheese.
650 s
Fettuccine pasta with pesto sauce
Flat pasta with chicken breast languishes in a creamy sauce with broccoli, spinach and green Pesto sauce based on greens. Served with dried tomatoes and Parmesan cheese
480 s
Linguine pasta with shrimp and peanuts
Spaghetti with shrimp and bisque sauce (based on shrimp and fish broth). Served with peanuts and Parmesan cheese.
550 s
Linguine pasta ala-bolonaise
Spaghetti with diet minced meat languishes in tomato sauce. Served with Parmesan cheese
410 s


Hot rolls with chicken and cucumbers
Chicken fillet, cottage cheese, fresh cucumbers. Fried in batter with breading. Served with mixed salad and pumpkin seeds.
310 s
Baked rolls with salmon and cheese
Cottage cheese, salmon, fresh cucumbers are baked with mozzarella cheese, mayonnaise and tobiko caviar
480 s


Coca-Cola 1 л
120 s
Shweppes 0.33 l .
150 s
150 s