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Стейк меню

100 gr. Rib Eye on the bone is made from a rib cut. It has a rich beef flavor and excellent texture. It is considered one of the most tender and juicy steaks. *The price is for 100g of the product (in raw form).
290 s
100 gr. A tomahawk is a thick edge, served on a long stripped edge. The bone when fried gives the steak a pleasant nutty flavor. *The price is for 100g of the product (in raw form).
250 s
T-BONE STEAK (DRY AGING) Price per 100g
100 gr. T-bone-combines two types of meat at once: strip loin and fillet Bon. They are separated by a thin bone, which gives the cooked steak a light nutty taste. *The price is for 100g of the product (in raw form).
290 s
Ribeye steak marble Miratorg
Price per 100 gr. Ribeye — a real gem of delicious meat. Thin fat layer penetrating the steak when cooking the meat is filled with juice, making it tender and flavorful.
810 s
Steak Cowboy
250 gr.
790 s
Medallions in red wine sauce
Prepared from the Central part of the tenderloin. This tender, delicious meat that is lean and soft. The recommended cooking medium rare, it was then a magnificent taste and aroma of this delicious dish will be revealed in full.
790 s

Cold appetizers

Assorted vegetables
430 gr. Tomatoes, cucumbers, paprika, radishes, greens.
450 s
Assorted pickles
400 gr. Pears, sauerkraut, pickles, squash.
320 s
250 gr. Herring fillet, potatoes, onions
290 s
Cheese Plateau
190 gr. Parmesan, dorblu, brie, cheddar.
690 s
Fish platter
200 gr. Smoked salmon, smoked escolar, lightly salted trout, lightly salted salmon.
820 s
Meat Plateau
260 gr. Chuchuk, smoked bon fillet, beef tongue, smoked horse meat.
850 s

Hot snacks

Cheese sticks .
140/30 gr. Suluguni cheese batonettes with honey-mustard sauce.
290 s
Buffolo Chicken Wings
300/30 gr. Grilled BBQ wings served with blue cheese sauce.
390 s
Tobacco Chicken
1 pc.
580 s


225 gr. Slices of tomatoes, Mozzarella with Pesto sauce and balsamic cream.
420 s
200 gr. Potatoes, eggs, carrots, pickles, green peas, beef.
310 s
Greek Salad
350 gr. Cucumbers, tomatoes, paprika, feta cheese, olive oil, olives.
350 s
Warm salad with trout
200 gr. Trout, eggplant, zucchini, onion, carrot, paprika, cabbage, kimchi sauce.
435 s
Trout salad with orange
250 gr. Trout Gravlax, salad mix, cherry, cottage cheese, lemon dressing.
435 s
Spicy salad with tongue
300 gr. Beef tongue, vegetable julienne, spicy sauce.
410 s
Warm salad with veal
290 gr. Veal, zucchini, eggplant, paprika, Almir, feta cheese.
490 s
Caesar salad with shrimp
255 gr. Salad mix, cherry tomatoes, grilled shrimp, Parmesan and wheat croutons, Caesar dressing.
435 s
Caesar salad with chicken
275 gr. Salad mix, cherry tomatoes, chicken, Parmesan and wheat croutons, Caesar dressing.
420 s
Vitamin mix
180 gr. cabbage, carrot, beet, Apple, lettuce, sesame seeds, olive oil
240 s


300 gr.
290 s
Fish Solyanka
350 gr. sturgeon,trout
365 s
Tom Yam Kung
300 gr.
390 s
Lentil soup-puree
300 gr.
285 s
Noodle soup with meatballs
290 s
Суп «Трио»
300 г. Брокколи, цветная капуста, шпинат, чечевица, картофель, оливковое масло.
290 s


Wok with chicken
270 gr. Chicken breast, eggplant, zucchini, paprika, soy sprouts, wok sauce.
320 s
Wok with beef
270 gr. Tender slices of bon filet, eggplant, zucchini, paprika, soy sprouts, wok sauce
390 s
Vegetarian wok with buckwheat noodles
275 gr. Eggplant, zucchini, peppers, spinach, cherry tomatoes, bean sprouts, sauce vok.
330 s
Vegetarian wok with rice noodles
275 gr. Eggplant, zucchini, peppers, spinach, cherry tomatoes, bean sprouts, sauce vok.
330 s

Fish and seafood

Grilled trout
150gr. Grilled, served with Tartar sauce
655 s
Prawns in cream sauce
90 gr. Pan seared brews of celery and shallot, with tiger prawns
780 s
Salmon steak
200 gr. grilled or steamed, served with creamy cheese sauce
890 s
Grilled Dorado
350 gr.
990 s

On the grill

Chicken shish kebab
200 gr.
365 s
Grilled lamb
200 gr.
490 s
Skewers of ribeye (beef)
200 gr.
510 s
Skewers of liver
200 gr.
320 s
Assorted kebabs with vegetables and potatoes
1900 s

Main dishes

The lamb Burger with fries
230 gr./150 gr.
470 s
The beef cheeseburger with fries
250 gr.
490 s
Meat in Thai in the Dutch oven with vegetables
280 gr. Beef, onion, ginger, cucumbers, tomatoes, zucchini, chili pepper
640 s
Rack of lamb with grilled vegetables
950 s
Chicken fillet with cheese
270 gr.
490 s
Beef stroganoff with mashed potatoes
150/150 gr. Beef, onion, cream, Bechamel sauce.
620 s
Biff Burger of veal with French fries
250 gr.
470 s

Side dishes

150 gr.
220 s
150 gr.
180 s
Home fried potatoes
200 gr.
160 s
Potato wedges
200 gr.
170 s
French fries
150 gr.
120 s
Grilled vegetables
150 gr.
220 s
Rice with spinach
150 gr.
200 s
150 г
160 s

Offer the pre-order

Set of steaks
1500 gr. Cowboy steak, rib eye steak, rib eye lamb, bon filet.
4700 s
Assorted kebabs
1800 gr. Rib eye, liver, chicken, lamb, wings, mini lamb chibons, bon fillet, spicy sausages, pita bread, sauces.
5800 s
Assorted sausages
1200 gr. Lamb, beef, chicken, lamb / beef spicy, sauce.
2100 s
Chicken baked with vegetables and potatoes
1900 gr. Chicken, baked potatoes, zucchini, eggplant, bell pepper, tomatoes.
1250 s
Baked trout
1000 gr. Whole trout baked in the oven.
3200 s
Baked bon filet roast beef
1000 gr. Whole cut bon fillet baked in the oven.
3900 s


Blue Cheese
40 gr
50 s
40 gr.
50 s
Honey mustard
40 gr.
50 s
40 gr.
50 s
10 gr.
50 s
40 gr.
50 s
40 gr.
100 s
40 gr.
80 s
Demi Glas
40 gr.
100 s