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Working hours: 24 hours

East Quarter

Average bill:
500 som
160 som ?
Hours of work:
17:00 - 05:30 No days off
Payment methods:
Photos of dishes may differ from their actual appearance.

Cold appetizers

Cheese plate
Suluguni cheese, mozzarella cheese, tiesiski cheese, marble cheese, honey, walnuts
650 s
Assorted meat
Smoked sausage, beef smoked sausages, chicken legs smoked
700 s
Assorted fish
Smoked salmon, smoked mackerel, smoked halibut, olives, shallot
850 s
Cuts on Caucasian
Tomatoes, cucumbers, Bulgarian pepper, lettuce, green onions, dill, cilantro
350 s
Sauerkraut, marinated mushrooms, pickled cucumbers, pickled cherry
250 s
Marinated meats
250g Tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, pickled garlic
350 s
Herring under vodka
Herring, potatoes (boiled), shallots, lemon
200 s
Cucumbers, pickled mushrooms, pickled tomatoes, chicken, green onion
250 s
Kim pub with meat
Boiled rice, nori, egg pancake, cucumber, Bulgarian red, carrot (boiled), boiled beef
200 s
Kim pub with salmon
Boiled rice, nori, egg pancake, cucumber, Bulgarian red, carrot (boiled), salted salmon
250 s

Hot snacks

Type pokam with pork
Type fried in batter, lead fried, onion, bell pepper, stryckovy pepper, green onion
250 s
Type pokam with beef
Type fried in batter, beef roast, onion, bell pepper, stryckovy pepper, green onion
295 s
300 s
Stuffed pepper
Minced beef, chili peppers
250 s
Chicken wings in Korean
Chicken wings, onion, bell pepper
250 s


Kosari(fern), beef roasted
370 s
Mega cha
Mega cha (seaweed), beef roasted
200 s
200g Tegumi, onion, spices, garlic
150 s
Carrots, beef roast, cilantro
120 s
Punch or (for the season)
Radish (white radish), Sudak
220 s
Cabbage (baci)
150 s
Kimchi fried with meat
Kimchi, beef roasted
200 s
Kimchi of radish
Daikon radish, spices
130 s
The kadicha
250g Eggplant, onion, bell peppers, chili peppers, tomatoes
250 s
Eggplant sweet and sour
250gr Aubergines, courgettes
250 s
Cucumbers, beef roast, carrots, chili peppers, bell pepper
210 s
Pepper fried meat
Peppers green peppers, raw pork, carrots, tomatoes
245 s
Funcheza, beef, bell pepper
170 s
Funcheza capcha
Funcheza, beef, bell pepper, egg roll
210 s
Tripe fried with light
Boiled tripe, lungs, cooked, onion, bell pepper, carrot
195 s
Beef fillet, cucumber, onion, bell pepper, cilantro, tomatoes
260 s
Heh from the chicken gizzards
Boiled chicken liver, carrots, chili peppers, bell pepper
225 s
Heh of tripe
Boiled tripe, onion, chili peppers, bell pepper, cilantro
210 s
Heh fish
Sudak, onion, cucumber
280 s
Salad fresh
Tomatoes, cucumbers, onion
190 s
Lettuce, bell peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, shallots, fitaki, oregano
250 s
Caesar chicken
Iceberg, chicken fillet, fried champignons, cherry
270 s
Caesar salad with shrimp
Shrimp, iceberg, fried mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, Caesar sauce, Parmesan
350 s
Beef tongue, tomatoes, shallots
185 s
Tomatoes, cheese, breadcrumbs, mayonnaise, garlic
135 s
Male whim
Turkey goat meat beef smoked sausage smoked chicken egg pancake
210 s
Damskiy Kapriz
Smoked sausage, tomatoes, cucumbers, boiled chicken fillet, mayonnaise, cheese
200 s
Spinach, beef fried with onion
220 s
Lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, green peas, potato Pai
160 s
Heh from the chicken Breasts
Chicken fillet, onion, bell pepper, chili pepper
220 s


Tom Yam
Mushrooms, tiger shrimp, frozen mussels, Tom yum paste, tomatoes
450 s
Soup Mexican
Chicken, greens, zucchini, corn, marinated, chicken, morcovi
150 s
Sire Yaga, tai, Tibi, pork boiled
160 s
A bunch of Thai with beef
Beef, fresh potatoes, tegumi (sprouted mung beans), zucchini, of TEI, Tibi, eggplant
200 s
A bunch of Thai with pork
Pork, fresh potatoes, tegumi (sprouted mung beans), zucchini, of TEI, Tibi, eggplant
180 s
Pork, kimchi, radish (Chim Chi), kokudan (tai red), doshida
220 s
200 s
Yu-kedjan with beef
Beef, Kosari, tegumi (sprouted mung beans), boiled funcheza
210 s
200 s
Chicken noodle soup
180 s
Mushroom soup
200 s
Meehan cook
Pork, seaweed
150 s
Cooksey Muri, boiled noodles, cucumbers, cabbage, fried beef, egg roll, tomato
180 s

Second courses

Dish East quarter
700 g Sheep, loin, eggplant, zucchini, tomatoes, rustic potatoes
2000 s
Boiled rice, mega cha (seaweed), Kosari (fern), beef fried tegumi (sprouted mung beans)
335 s
Beef, radish kimchi, kimchi, balls cha, cha tergum, tomatoes, cucumbers, pear
550 s
Minced beef, egg, tomatoes, greens, mayonnaise
380 s
Chicken in honey sauce
Chicken fillet, tomatoes, soy sauce, honey, oil, chili pepper
380 s
Chicken Asian
Chicken breast, soy sauce, honey, tomato, sesame
290 s
Chicken schnitzel
Chicken breast, eggs, breadcrumbs
290 s
Chicken Oriental
Chicken breast, soy sauce, honey, spices, ginger
350 s

Meat in Chinese

Chili con carne with beef
Soy sauce, tomato paste, green onion, beef
420 s
Meat in a spicy sauce with pork
Soy sauce, tomato paste, green onions, pork
330 s

Hot cuts

Bulgogi with pork
Pork, mushrooms, carrots
400 s
Bulgogi beef
Beef, mushrooms, carrots
500 s
Tek-PAL (price per 100g)
Pork shank, sauce, service, salads, Thai, sesame oil, tomatoes, cucumbers, doshida, broth beef
100 s
Pork ribs in Korean
Pork ribs (ready), onion, green pepper green, bell pepper red
450 s
Meat in Korean
Pork, bell pepper, Achim sauce
300 s
Meat fried with vegetables
Rice, Maggie cha, the haymakers, beef, tegumi, nori, kokudan, broth
450 s
Meat Mexican-style pork
Bell peppers, green peppers, onions, corn, green onion, pork
300 s
Meat Chinese style with pork
Pork, bell, carrot, tomatoes, onion
300 s
Fish fried carp
300 s
Heh of lamb ribs
Lamb ribs, coriander
550 s
Veal with cheese
Bon fillet, cheese
450 s
Veal with mushrooms
Beef, fried mushrooms, bell pepper, onion
400 s
Meat royally
Bon fillet, lemon, cheese, walnuts
450 s
Beef (Bon filet), sauce salsa, tomatoes, rosemary, oregano
450 s
Pegodya flour 1pc
Dough, meat, cabbage
50 s
Pegodya starch 1pcs
Dough, meat, cabbage
60 s
Meat Mexican beef
Bell peppers, green peppers, onions, corn, green onion, beef
385 s
Meat Chinese style with beef
Bell pepper, carrots, tomatoes, onions, beef
385 s


Ribeye steak
650 s
Cowboy steak
850 s
T-bone steak
800 s

Side dishes

50 s
90 s
Potatoes rustic
90 s
60 s
Grilled vegetables
130 s
Bread white / black
50 s
Bread meats
100 s
Complicated garnish
Peas, corn, mashed potatoes
100 s


Coca-Cola 1L
60 s
Fanta 1 liter
60 s
Sprite 1 liter
60 s
Water 1L
40 s
Selection of juices 1L
100 s