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Wasabi sushi

Average bill:
400 som
160 som ?
Hours of work:
10:00 - 02:00 No days off
Payment methods:
Photos of dishes may differ from their actual appearance


Cucumber roll
110 g. Cucumber, rice, nori.
80 s
Shrimp roll
110 g. Tiger shrimp, rice, nori.
160 s
Salmon roll
100 g. Salmon, rice, nori.
160 s
Avocado roll
100 g. Avocado, rice, nori.
150 s
Cheese roll
110 g. Cream cheese, rice, nori.
100 s
Crab roll
100 g. Snow crab, rice, nori.
100 s
Mini Philadelphia
200 g. Salmon, cream cheese, cucumber.
220 s
Caesar Roll
190 g. lettuce leaf, caesar sauce, chicken, cream sauce.
200 s
California roll
280 g. Snow crab, masago, cucumber, cream cheese.
280 s
Mexican roll
230 g. Fried shrimp, cream cheese, masago, green onions.
280 s
New York roll
210 g. Salmon, cream cheese, cucumber, mushrooms.
270 s
White kera
240 g. Salmon, shrimp, cheese, cucumber, sesame.
260 s
Philadelphia roll
280 g. Salmon, cream cheese, cucumber.
310 s
Philadelphia Special
240 g. Salmon, cream cheese, green onions.
320 s
Dragon Roll
270 g. Salmon, eel, cheese, cucumber, sesame.
350 s
Bonito roll
230 g. Salmon, cream cheese, green onions, tuna shavings.
320 s
Florida roll
240 g. Tiger prawns, salmon, cheese, cucumber.
350 s
California salmon
260 g. Salmon, avocado, cream cheese, masago.
350 s
Canada roll
270 g. Eel, cream cheese, cucumber, unagi sauce, sesame.
370 s
Canada Premium
250 g. Eel, salmon, unagi sauce, cheese, cucumber, sesame.
490 s
Philadelphia Premium
270 g. Salmon, cream cheese, cucumber.
450 s
Dragon Premium
250 g. Salmon, eel, cream cheese, cucumber, unagi sauce.
470 s
Philadelphia de Luxe
250 g. Salmon, cream cheese.
480 s
Brooklyn roll
230 g. Salmon, cucumber, cream cheese, unagi sauce.
270 s

Hot rolls

Ebi tempura
240 g. Tiger shrimp, avocado, cream cheese.
290 s
Syake tempura
220 g. Salmon, avocado, cheese, unagi sauce.
310 s
Unagi tempura
240 g. Eel, avocado, cream cheese, unagi sauce.
340 s
Kani tempura
230 g. Snow crab, avocado, cheese, unagi sauce.
230 s
Hot crab
320 g. Snow crab, salmon, masago, cheese.
320 s
Hot salmon
320 g. Salmon, masago, unagi sauce, cheese.
340 s
Hot shrimp
220 g. Tiger prawns, masago, unagi sauce, cheese.
350 s
Hot shrimp
240 g. Tiger prawns, cheese, pink sauce, unagi sauce.
250 s
Hot salmon
240 g. Salmon, pink sauce, unagi sauce, sesame.
260 s
Hot chicken
240 g. Chicken, cheese, pink sauce, unagi sauce, sesame.
180 s
Hot crab
240 g. Snow crab, cheese, pink sauce, unagi sauce.
220 s
Okinawa Roll
220 g. Salmon, cream cheese, pink sauce.
330 s
Baked Phoenix
230 g. Salmon, cream cheese, unagi sauce, mushrooms.
220 s
Chicken tempura
230 g. Chicken, avocado, cheese, unagi sauce.
230 s


Tom yam with chicken
Chicken, rice, mushrooms, rice, cherry tomatoes.
220 s
Tom yam with shrimp
Tiger prawns, mushrooms, rice, cherry tomatoes.
280 s


Caesar with shrimp
Iceberg, tiger prawns, crackers, caesar sauce.
330 s
Caesar with chicken
Chicken, iceberg, crackers, caesar sauce.
260 s
Arugula with shrimp
Tiger prawns, arugula, cherry tomatoes.
280 s
Salad with arugula
Arugula, beef, quail eggs, cherry tomatoes.
320 s
Chuka salad
Chuka seaweed, lemon, nut sauce.
100 s
Nasu salad
Eggplant, beef, cherry tomatoes, paprika.
230 s


Club sandwich with chicken
190 g. Chicken, lettuce, cheese, tomato.
140 s
Club sandwich with salmon
190 g. Salmon, lettuce, cheese, tomato.
160 s
Nuggets, French fries, chili sauce.
400 s
Buffalo Chicken Wings
Chicken wings, French fries, chili sauce.
400 s


Soba with shrimp
Buckwheat noodles, tiger prawns, paprika, zucchini.
350 s
Soba with chicken topping
Buckwheat noodles, chicken, paprika, zucchini.
270 s
Soba with beef
Buckwheat noodles, beef, paprika, zucchini.
290 s
Udon with shrimp
Tiger prawns, wheat noodles, paprika, zucchini.
350 s
Udon with beef
Beef, wheat noodles, paprika, zucchini, green onions.
290 s
Udon with chicken
Chicken, wheat noodles, paprika, zucchini, green onions.
270 s