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Working hours: 24 hours

Zolotaya Lojka

Average bill:
300 som
160 som ?
Hours of work:
09:00 - 18:00 Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa
Payment methods:
Frozen meals are prepared in microwave withing 7-10 minutes

Tea dishes

Kebabs are ready (just add a side dish)
4 piece-320 gr.
155 s
Veal Stroganoff
400g a Delicious dish of meat in a delicate cream sauce with a side dish of mashed potatoes.
135 s
French meat with slices of veal under a cheese crust.
400 g Is a fragrant and delicious dish with veal, baked with a delicate cheese crust just melts in your mouth.
125 s
Lasagna with beef
400 g full-Bodied, exuding aromas of the dish, worthy of the Italian temperament.
125 s
Julien with mushrooms and chicken
400 g Dish you'll be smoked chicken, giving it a special piquancy.
125 s
Chicken Breasts in creamy sauce with buckwheat on-kupecheski
400 gr. Fragrant and delicious dish of tender chicken with mushrooms, which is suitable both for holiday and for the usual dinner.
115 s
Zrazy with mushrooms and egg sauce with potato-po-kupecheski
400 g Soft and juicy balls will make any table festive and will surprise You with excellent taste.
115 s
Chicken in Thai
400 gr This dish can be classified as exotic, so you can treat yourself to something special.
115 s
400 g Our Kebab cooked on the grill, and as a side dish serve steamed vegetables – You'll love it.
115 s
Meatloaf with mashed potatoes
400 g Hearty and delicious dish, especially for meat lovers.
115 s
Meat in sweet and spicy sauce with rice
400 gr If You love sweet and spicy sauces combined with meat and vegetables, this dish is for You.
115 s
Meat with Chinese vegetables and crispy rice
400 gr. The meat is tender and original bouquet of Oriental spices should attract the attention of admirers of Chinese cuisine.
115 s
Solyanka with smoked meat with pickles special Ambassador
400 g Bag of rich, aromatic, spicy with smoked meat stimulates the appetite and goes well with most main dishes.
115 s
Stew in crepes
350 gr. Fricassee is impossible not to love, it tasted great, divinely delicate sauce of cream, which is flawless, a perfect complement to the chicken.
115 s
Chicken "barbecue" with a composite garnish
350 gr Chicken BBQ very tasty dish, the secret is in the marinade. But a complex side dish of rice and vegetables makes this meal complete and nutritious.
115 s
Lagman, Guro in ogrocki
450 gr
115 s
Tashkent pilaf of lamb
360 degree Different special additives and spices, which makes it more tasty and satisfying.
115 s
Spring rolls under milk sauce
380 grams Delicate dough, the divine aroma of milky mushroom sauce will not leave You indifferent.
105 s
Soup together with crackers
500 gr. Soup is a philosophy, the key to a man's heart and the attribute of comfort.
95 s