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Working hours: 24 hours

ZOR resto teahouse

Average bill:
500 som
200 som ?
Hours of work:
10:00 - 22:30 No days off
Payment methods:
Photos of dishes may not match their appearance in reality

Dishes to order

Cold cuts
400 g. Chicken roll, lamb roll, spiked veal and beef tongue
1000 s
Assorted fish
300 g . Escolar, smoked salmon and caviar. Delicate velvety taste of fish with hints of brackishness
950 s
150 g
490 s
Pilaf 1 kg
Laser rice, beef and carrots
1800 s
Pie 1 kg
Lamb ribs, potatoes and onions
2200 s
Dapanji 1 kg
Chicken, potatoes, semi-bitter pepper and noodles
1500 s


Signature salad «ZOR»‎‎
Mushrooms, boiled tongue, pepper, spinach, carrots and spices
300 s
Caesar with shrimp
Fresh lettuce leaves with quail eggs with the addition of iceberg and shrimp with caesar sauce
420 s
Caesar with salmon
Fresh lettuce leaves with salted salmon, caesar sauce and iceberg
390 s
Caesar with chicken
Fresh lettuce leaves with tender chicken fillet and crispy homemade crackers with caesar sauce and Parmesan cheese
350 s
Arugula with shrimp
Lettuce, arugula with orange, kiwi and shrimp
330 s
Stuffed eggplant
Tender ground beef with eggplant with Aroy sauce
350 s
Eggplant salad
Tomato, coriander, semi-bitter pepper and beef
250 s
Crispy salmon
Fresh salmon, spinach, lettuce, egg and citrus dressing
350 s
Capercaillie 's nest
Boiled veal, cucumbers, egg, corn and potatoes
250 s
Funchesa with vegetables (warm)
Dark funchesa, beef, vegetables, lapiza and soy sauce
380 s
Salad «Zhaza»‎‎
Ground beef, omelet and soy sauce
340 s
Veal fillet with fresh cucumbers and tomatoes, seasoned with soy sauce
250 s
Fetaxa cheese, vegetables, lemon and Greek sauce
300 s
Tomatoes, cucumbers, onions and olive oil
140 s
Garlic, carrots and vegetable oil
90 s
Fruit salad
Banana, honey, mint, apples and kiwi
270 s
Crispy eggplant
Slices of crispy eggplant, with fresh cherry tomatoes, seasoned with sweet and spicy sauce
330 s
Sichuan Chicken
Ham, peanuts, lapiza, pepper, onion and Sichuan sauce
380 s


Branded soup «ZOR»‎‎
Lamb ribs, spinach, beans, corn, black mushrooms, quail eggs and funchesa
250 s
Lamb Shorpo
Lamb, potatoes, carrots and greens
200 s
Minced beef and dough
200 s
Chinese spicy soup with meat and vegetables
220 s
Dough, vegetable roast and beef
200 s
Soup with meatballs and broccoli
Ground beef, quail eggs and broccoli
220 s
Mushroom soup
Noodles, chicken and carrots
170 s
Lentil soup
Lentils, tomatoes, cream, lemon and crackers
190 s

Beef dishes

Medallions with vegetables
Bon fillet, cream sauce and grilled vegetables
650 s
Tibon steak with fries
Beef steak, salsa sauce and fries
780 s
Rib eye steak with grilled vegetables
Juicy beef steak and grilled vegetables
780 s
Cowboy steak with potatoes rustic
Bone-in steak with rustic potatoes and salsa sauce
760 s
Beef Stroganoff
Veal meat in cream sauce
300 s
Ground beef, egg omelet, tomatoes, garlic and mayonnaise
260 s
Steak with egg
Tender beef meat in cream sauce
280 s
Dumplings with potatoes
140 s

Fish dishes

Salmon steak with caviar sauce
Fresh salmon in cream sauce with red caviar
680 s

Chicken dishes

Tobacco Chicken
1 PC. Chicken with potatoes and salsep sauce
480 s
Chicken Fricassee
Chicken fillet, cream sauce and corn
320 s


Spaghetti noodles, ground beef, tomato sauce, vegetables and parmesan cheese
380 s
Fettuccine with salmon
Spaghetti noodles, fresh salmon, cherry tomatoes, herbs, cream sauce and lemon
410 s
Fettuccine with chicken
Spaghetti noodles, chicken breast, cherry tomato, herbs, cream sauce and lemon
370 s

Oriental cuisine

«ZOR»‎‎ lagman
Tender beef and lamb meat, vegetables, black mushrooms, tomato, lapiza and noodles
300 s
Liquid lagman
Lamb and beef meat, vegetables with lapiza
230 s
Suu manty
220 s
Boso lagman
Fried with meat ,vegetables noodles, vegetables seasoned with sauce and tomato
260 s
Beshbarmak (horse meat from kazy)
Noodles, kazy, horse meat
380 s
Thin dough, beef and onion
260 s
Manti with meat
250 s
Cabbage rolls in the East
Sweet pepper, rice and ground beef
220 s
Guiro lagman
Beef, lamb, vegetables and spices
260 s
Suiro lagman
Minced beef and finely chopped vegetables
280 s
Fried manti
260 s
Rice, lamb and beef, vegetables
230 s
Guiro gan-fan
Boiled rice and guiru siai
260 s
Beshbarmak (beef)
Noodles, meat and onions
320 s
Beshbarmak (mutton)
Noodles, lamb meat and onions
300 s

Chinese cuisine

Fries with meat
Fries, beef and semi-bitter pepper
290 s
Fries with chicken
Fries, chicken and semi-bitter pepper
280 s
Beef, black mushrooms, chicken egg and semi-bitter pepper
380 s
Balyk sai
Fresh pike perch, vegetables and soy sauce
400 s
Beef, vegetables, semi-bitter pepper and Chinese vinegar
320 s
Kazan kavap
Beef, onion, lapiza and Chinese spices
380 s
Cauldron cavap with fish
Fresh pike perch, onion, lapiza and potato croquettes
380 s


Beef burger
Bun, beef patty, tomato, pickles and cheddar cheese
380 s
Burger with chicken
Bun, chicken cutlet, tomato, pickles and cheese
350 s
Club sandwich with chicken
270 s


Pizza margarita
Tomato, dough and pizza sauce
420 s
Chicken pizza
Smoked chicken, boiled chicken and pizza sauce
460 s
Chili pizza
Chili sauce, vegetable and meat roast, sausage
460 s
Pepperoni pizza
Pizza and sausage sauce
460 s

Bakery products

250 s
Khachapuri in Megrelian
420 s
Boorsoki 1 kg
250 s
Boorsoki 1 serving
200 g
70 s
45 s
Samosas with meat
Dough, beef and onion
60 s
Samsa with chicken
Dough, mayonnaise, suluguni cheese and chicken
60 s

Side dishes

75 s
Grilled vegetables
120 s
Mashed potatoes
60 s
130 s
130 s


Banana cocktail
160 s
Strawberry cocktails
160 s
Chocolate oreo
200 s


Fresh orange
220 s
Fresh grapefruit
210 s
Fresh apple
200 s
Fresh carrot
180 s


Mojito 0.3 l
120 s
Mango passion fruit lemonade 0.3 l
120 s
Lemonade «Grapefruit frutochino»‎‎ 0.3 l
190 s
Raspberry lemonade-lemon 0.3 l
120 s


Coca-Cola 1 l
120 s
Coca-Cola 0.33 l
90 s
Bonaqua 1 l without gas
80 s