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Working hours: 24 hours
Zoomagazin 4 lapy
Average bill:
200 som
Hours of work:
10:00 - 16:45 No days off
Payment methods:
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For cats-Mars
Kitiket 350 gr (delicious chicken, delicious veal, fisherman's catch, meat feast)
80 s
Kitiket 1,9 kg (delicious chicken, delicious veal, fisherman's catch, meat feast)
350 s
Whiskey 350 gr (box of beef+rabbit, assorted fish, chicken+Turkey)
120 s
Whiskey 1 kg (beef+rabbit, assorted fish, chicken+Turkey)
in weight from bags of 5 kg
250 s
Whiskey 5 kg (beef+rabbit, assorted fish, chicken+Turkey)
1260 s
Kitiket spider 85 gr
(beef jelly, beef sauce, chicken jelly, chicken sauce, rabbit jelly, rabbit sauce, lamb sauce, fish sauce)
20 s
Whisky spider 85 gr
(beef with lamb jelly, beef with lamb ragout, beef liver pate, rabbit, Turkey stew, rabbit jelly, jelly, Turkey, salmon stew, salmon jelly, trout stew, chicken stew, chicken jelly,chicken, Turkey pate, veal stew, veal pie, chicken stew for cats, a lamb stew for cats, chicken pate for kittens)
26 s